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Zeitungsartikel in der New York Evening Post vom 1930-Nov-08 ueber die CAC
Death of Last of "Archangels" Leaves No One With Power to Ordain Priests
Apostolic Church Awaits "Miracle" to Correct Oversight of "Fathers"
By Morris Gilbert
Evening Post Foreign Service
Copyright 1930, by N.Y. Evening Post, Inc.

LONDON, Nov. 8 - Nothing less than a definite religious miracle is required here - and very shortly - to preserve a wealthy, respected and influential Christian denomination from extinction, and that despite the fact that the church in question is spiritually flourishing, has 500,000 and property being estimated to be worth at least $10,000,000 and possibly $150,000,000.

The church is the Catholic Apostolic Church. It has a large cathedral in London Square, seven other churches in London and 500 other churches throughout the country and in foreign lands. Among its adherents are several peers.

The trouble is that no one is eligible to ordain priests in the church except one of the twelve "apostles" who founded it almosty a century ago or one of the "archangels" appointed by them. The last of the "apostles" died thirty years ago, the last of the "archangels" last year.

The church was founded on the anticipation of an early second coming of Christ, which view prohibited its adherents from taking thought of the future except under divine inspiration.

A requirement of the faith was the voluntary contribution of one-tenth [of] a member's income. Since the church undertook no missionary work or propaganda, it is believed the central fund, after administrative expenses had been paid, has been building up at compound interest for almost a century and now amounts to a huge sum. A complete liturgy was established by the founders with the use of lights, candles, incense and elaborate vestments.

Among the worshippers are Lord Eustace Percy, who was a minister of the Educatioon in the last Conservative Cabinet, and the family of the Duke of Northumberland.

Following the injunction of their leaders, the ministers and congregations are not concerning themselves about the crisis which to the lay observer seems imminent. They are content, it is understood, that either the millenium is imminent or some other clear instruction from a divine source will be forthcoming.
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Glossar: peers [BE]:
Transkriptionsfehler sind meine eigenen.

Interessant, was ueber die Anzahl der Mitglieder, den Status Einzelner sowie ueber den Reichtum der "Kirche" geschrieben wird, ebenso wie ungeruehrt die Mitglieder im Angesicht des Untergangs ihrer Kirche zu sein schienen, auf welche irrationalen Erwartungen sie vergeblich bauten.

Merkwuerdig, dass von aussen betrachtet das Verhalten der Menschen in dieser "Kirche" irrational erscheint, aber von innen ganz offensichtlich nicht. Irrational erscheint es uns heute sogar unter dem Gesichtspunkt, aehnliche Situationen mit irrationalen Erklaerungen selbst erlebt zu haben und diese Erklaerungen nicht als irrational abgetan zu haben.

Es gibt nichts Neues unter der Sonne; alles ist schon einmal da gewesen.

Warum sind eigentlich alle anderen Themen hier gesperrt?


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Im Nacboard ist ==> eine Linkliste zu der CAC-Kirche in Paris veroeffentlicht worden.

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